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News Archive Sonia Couling supports and inspires Muaythai to go to Hollywood
Sonia Couling supports and inspires Muaythai to go to Hollywood
Muaythai has been gaining recognition and attention from people all over the world. Foreigners have started to practice Muaythai and take it seriously. Recently, Warrior Caste Productions, with the support of the WMC, came up with the idea of arranging a “Muaythai Premier League” program.

With a budget of more than 250 million Thai Baht for this big project, the documentary presentation was run by actress Sonia ‘Pim’ Couling, who introduced and narrated the lives of the famous boxers who are joining this “Muaythai Premier League” program, such as Yodsanklai Fairtex, Saenchai Sinbi Muaythai and Kaoklai Jockey Gym. For this big program, the competitions will take place in 9 big cities from all over the world including Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Beijing, Brisbane and Bangkok.

Talking about Muaythai experience or knowledge, Sonia Couling is actually, in fact, an expert on Muaythai. It started when she attended and commented on many Muaythai fights at Ormnorm arena which has allowed Muaythai to be absorbed into her blood. Since then, she has been working full time in the boxing entertainment field earning her the name of “The Face of Muaythai” by farangs and foreigners who follow Muaythai.

“I am so honored to be chosen as the host of this event. As for Muaythai, I have a lot of experience and knowledge about it because I have seen many Muaythai fights before so I did not think that it was that hard for me, as a woman. For now, I am prepared to take a Muaythai course to learn both theory and practice so that I will gain more knowledge which will enable me to host this event even better. I will do my best as a host to promote Muaythai to be widely known by the foreign countries as well. I want Thai people to be the strength of Muaythai by providing us with their support for this big project, both for the Thai boxers and me,” said Sonia.

The “Muaythai Premier League” program will be on air in September onwards on channel Fox and Fox Sport. Fans can also watch the re-runs on Euro Sport, Fox Sport and ESPN.

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