Press ReleasesElite Boxing announces new schedule for 2012

Elite Boxing has announced a revised schedule for its events in 2012 following rearrangements to the Thailand VS Challenger (TVC) Series and the acquisition of the licensing rights to the prestigious King’s Cup Qualifier tournaments.

Following a breakdown in negotiations with the main title sponsor for the Thailand VS Challenger (2012) Series, EB has decided to reduce the program for this year’s TVC Series from 6 events to 4 as it continues to focus its attention and investments on securing the rights to the King’s Cup Qualifiers.

The revised TVC (2012) Series will still feature the Thailand VS Germany and Thailand VS Europe events in Germany as originally scheduled, as well as a Thailand VS Asia event in Malaysia. The TVC (2012) Series will conclude with a co-promotion at the King’s Cup in Thailand in December as part of the newly-signed agreement that gives EB exclusive rights to the King’s Cup Qualifiers.

Following the bankruptcy of previous license holders, EB has taken over the licensing rights to the King’s Cup Qualifiers from One Songchai Promotions. No qualifiers will be held during 2012, but EB will re-commence the King’s Cup Qualifiers for the 2013 tournament.

Under this agreement with One Songchai Promotions, EB will also become the official co-sponsor of the main King’s Cup event. In addition to being included in the TVC Series, the King’s Cup will be renamed as the TVC King’s Cup. EB will also invest more money into attracting a higher quality fightcard for the King’s Cup tournament fights, while select TVC Superfights will also be incorporated into the fightcard.

EB’s Managing Director and co-founder Toli Makris expressed his delight at the acquisition of the license for the King’s Cup Qualifiers when he said, “It’s an honour to be working with Khun Songchai again, especially on the King’s Cup because that’s where I first began working with him all those years ago.”

EB’s other co-founder and CFO, Seth Fishman, explained the reasoning behind EB’s revised strategy. “We made the mistake of taking the word of our title sponsor for this year’s TVC Series, so when they pulled out at the last minute, we decided it was too late to start looking again for financing for all the events,” said Fishman. “We had already invested a lot of time, effort and money into acquiring the King’s Cup Qualifiers, so we made sure we closed this deal first. It’s really a great addition to our portfolio and we can still produce a good TVC Series even if we have had to cancel two events.”

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Post on July 10, 2012