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The final qualifier of this year’s EFN series represents a huge milestone for EB as the Bangkok-based combat sports group breaks new ground by staging its first ever event in South America. Scheduled for the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo on November 1st, EFN9 will also see one more new combat sport and a new brand welcomed under the EFN umbrella with the inclusion of kickboxing in partnership with WGP.

The current EFN format includes a 4 man Muaythai tournament with the winner booking a place in the season finale at the Kings Cup in Bangkok on December 5. From this year, the series has also incorporated 4 MMA fights into EFN events with each winner securing a spot in the MMA final at Abu Dhabi on November 22. This combined discipline format has proven extremely successful with both sets of fight fans as it caters to connoisseurs of both stand-up fighting and brawling.

For this final qualifier of EFN 2016, however, a third sport will be added to the fightcard as EFN9 will also include a 4-man heavyweight kickboxing tournament on the bill. EB has partnered with Brazilian kickboxing organization WGP to stage the first ever EFN event in South America. For the first time in EFN history, the audience in Sao Paulo will experience a combined fightcard of Muaythai, MMA and Kickboxing fights.

EFN9 will take place in Sao Paulo, the home city of WGP. The co-organized event builds on the relationship which EB and WGP have been developing over the last year since EB began streaming all WGP events live on its EB-TV portal. EB co-founder Toli Makris said, “We’ve had a great experience working with WGP and we are confident that this event will run smoothly with the support of Paulo Zorello. We are also in negotiations to extend the contract for streaming WGP events so this event is good for both of us to get closer and also get more exposure. And of course, it’s great for the fight fans and the sports to show their unity.”

While EB is staging its first event in South America, the partnership with WGP is by no means its first in the region. EB has also a strong relationship with Team Nogueira having collaborated on several projects over recent years. Antonio Rodrigo 'MinotauroNogueira was a guest of EB at the opening event of the EFN 2016 Series in Bangkok on August 12, and EB has supported Team Nogueira both with Muaythai training and securing spots for some of its fighters in MMA and Muaythai events.

EB’s MMA partner and Abu Dhabi Warriors Managing Director Mr. Lubomir Guedjev is also very excited about the upcoming event in Sao Paulo as it represents an exciting opportunity for the newly established MMA brand to exploit this market. With discussions already underway to hold more regional sub qualifiers in Brazil next year, EB is confident that through collaboration with its local partners, it will be able to help the Abu Dhabi Warrior brand expand quickly and establish a presence in South America.

Additionally, EB also has plans to continue its own expansion in South America. EB’s Makris has relocated to Brazil and has been actively planning more regional events in Brazil with local event director Trevor Landolt. “Muaythai is growing in Brazil and we are establishing ourselves as the market leader,” said Makris. “We have already launched a weekly Muaythai program with local broadcaster Combate in Brazil and this allows us to increase local interest in Muaythai by broadcasting events and other content from our library. However, this is just a strategy in our long-term vision to host more regional events in Brazil and South America.”

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Post on October 4, 2016