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The fans in the IPIC Arena got it all on a night when the Warriors returned to Abu Dhabi. Masterfully executed submissions, powerful knockouts and lots of excitement throughout all 10 fights. UAE got the very best of MMA, skills, strength and the most important ingredient, mutual respect between the fighters.

Fighters on the undercard built the momentum for the main card which was opened with joy and tears. Max Nunes KO’ed Fabricio Monteiro with a vicious knee in under 1 minute after which Monteiro announced his retirement from the professional MMA world. Waylon Lowe outwrestled Bakocevic, while Karl Amoussou submitted Magomedov. In the co-main event of the evening Sarnavskiy dominated until the very end and took the second ADW victory in a row away from Ronson. Fans gathered in the arena and those watching worldwide were treated with a spectacular performance from the heavyweights in the main event. Sokoudjou was the one attacking from the start and dominating for the first two rounds. But it was all Paul Buentello in the last round as he unleashed all his power and sucked the life out of his opponent. Buentello won with a vicious KO 3:21 into round 3.

Abu Dhabi Warriors 3 had everything every true MMA fan could wish for. Warriors are coming back in December this year.



Rameau Sokoudjou vs Paul Buentello, Buentello via KO, Round 3, 3.21 minutes

Alexander Sarnavskiy vs Jesse Ronson, Sarnavskiy via Unanimous Decision, Round 3

Karl Amoussou vs Abdulmajid Magomedov, Amoussou via Submission (Armbar), Round 1, 3.43 minutes

Vaso Bakocevic vs Waylon Lowe, Lowe via Unanimous Decision, Round 3

Max Nunes vs Fabricio Monteiro, Nunes via TKO (Knee), Round 1, 0.34 seconds

Yoshiyuki Katahira vs Lewis Long, Long via Submission (Rear Naked Choke), Round 1, 0.45 seconds

Seung Chan Hong vs Maxim Ceban, Hong via TKO (Ground and Pound) Round 1, 4.30 minutes

Muha Li vs Martin Akhtar, Akhtar via Submission (Armbar), Round 1, 4.55 minutes

Josip Perica vs Ion Pascu, Pascu via TKO (Ground and Pound), Round 1, 1.43 minutes

Ahmad Al Darmaki vs Artiyom Gorodynets, Gorodynets via Submission (Armbar), Round 2, 1.46 minutes


Post on October 6, 2015