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Following a successful Grand Opening to the Thailand VS Challenger (TVC) 2011 Series on July 23 at River City Hall in Bangkok, all attention is now focused on the second instalment of what is fast becoming the biggest international muaythai event series in the world. On August 12, Elite Boxing will once again team up with One Songchai Promotions to host TVC at the Queen’s Cup at Sanam Luang in Bangkok.

Time and again, Elite Boxing has proven that it is fully committed to taking muaythai to the next level. It is a long and often bumpy road, but every step along it is a step closer to that ultimate goal. During the inaugural year of the Thailand VS Challenger Series, many significant milestones were passed. One of the most notable was the inclusion of TVC fights in the Queen’s Cup. One of the biggest dates in the muaythai calendar and the number one event for female muaythai fights, the Queen’s Cup has been held in honour of Her Majesty the Queen of Thailand on her birthday, August 12, every year since its inception in 1996. Each year, a crowd of up to 100,000 spectators gather in the large open-air venue of Bangkok’s Sanam Luang (Royal Park) to pay their respects to their beloved Queen in a ceremony that is also televised live to the nation. In addition to the muaythai, the evening also includes a spectacular candle ceremony.

In 2010, Elite Boxing was invited to incorporate the second event of the TVC (2010) Series into the Queen’s Cup as a co-promotion with the event’s organisers and long-time ally One Songchai Promotions. The agreement between One Songchai Promotions and Elite Boxing marked an historic step for both the Queen’s Cup and TVC. For the Queen’s Cup, it was the first time that male fights were included in the traditionally all-female fightcard. For TVC, it was another big step along the road to establishing the TVC brand as the sport’s most recognizable international product and taking muaythai to the next level. It was to be a resounding success for all involved as four very entertaining male fights were incorporated into the fightcard as part of the TVC at the Queen’s Cup event. It proved so successful in fact that One Songchai Promotions agreed to maintain the co-promotion with Elite Boxing as an annual event.

Building on last year’s success, TVC is back at the Queen’s Cup in 2011. Elite Boxing is delighted to continue this arrangement not only because, in the words of Elite Boxing’s co-founder Toli Makris, “It is a privilege to work with One Songchai Promotions on such a prestigious event of this magnitude, but also because it is an honour to support such a worthy cause and pay our respects to Her Majesty the Queen of Thailand.”

With TVC at the Queen’s Cup being distributed through the usual TVC broadcast partners to 180 countries across the globe, it offers the whole world an opportunity to share in this glorious occasion. TVC at the Queen’s Cup (2011) is set to be even bigger and better than last year with some excellent world class muaythai. Following the Grand Opening of the TVC (2011) Series, which was billed as the Sport of Kings on the River of Kings, it is time for the Kings and Queens of Muaythai to take to the Royal Park.

Post on August 12, 2011