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Bangkok-based combat sports company Elite Boxing is collaborating with Thai charity SETI to launch a new initiative aimed at empowering women and protecting vulnerable girls from being trafficked into the sex trade.

EB announced recently that the second in its series of four EFN Champions League events will be used to launch Muay Ying, a female empowerment campaign that has been developed in conjunction with local Thai charity SATI.

The aim of the Muay Ying campaign is to empower women by teaching them how muaythai training can be used to build both physical and mental strength and thus boost women’s confidence and independence. The campaign also includes women’s self defense training.

A percentage of ticket revenues from EFN Champions League Round 2 will also be donated through the Muay Ying campaign to SATI in support of female charities. As part of these initiatives, EB’s head female trainer, Mod will hold a series of workshops for vulnerable street girls with the aim of empowering them to remain out of the clutches of trafficking gangs.

Speaking on the launch of the Muay Ying campaign, EB co-founder Toli Makris said, “Through EB, we have built up muaythai as an international sport and brought new revenue into Thailand. However, it has always been the long-term vision of EB to give something more meaningful back to the Thais. Now, in SATI, we have found the right partner to help us realize our vision and support the empowerment of women and vulnerable girls in Thailand.”

While EB has been on the lookout to launch a charitable campaign in Thailand for some time, it is only now that the company feels it has found a charity that is feels comfortable collaborating with. It was a collaboration that has been made easier by the long-term relationship between SATI’s founder Saks and EB’s Toli Makris. “I have known Saks for a long time,” explained Makris. “He has always followed developments at EB and supported us in what we were trying to achieve. We are delighted to finally set up this campaign, and with SATI, we have the perfect partner because we have full confidence in them to do the right thing.”

The campaign will be officially launched at the EFN Champions League event scheduled to take place at Asiatique in Bangkok on September 26. The event will feature 2 female muaythai superfights. In addition, 25% of ticket revenues from the event will be donated to the Muay Ying campaign.

Elite Boxing has also announced that each woman who buys a ticket to the EFN Champions League event will be invited to a presentation on muaythai culture and receive a free self-defense lesson at the Elite Fight Club (EFC) Gym in Bangkok.

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Post on September 15, 2015