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Fight fans were given a double treat last Saturday when the EFN Champions League was launched at the Asiatique riverside complex in Bangkok. Organized by Elite Boxing with support from Abu Dhabi Warriors and sanctioned by AIMS, the inaugural EFN Champions League event included a 4-man muaythai tournament and 2 MMA superfights.

The EFN Champions League is a new event series that features both muaythai and MMA fights on the same bill. The event at Asiatique was the first of four qualifiers that lead to the Kings Cup Final in Bangkok for the muaythai fighters and the Road to Abu Dhabi Warriors Final in Abu Dhabi for the MMA fighters.

Following last Saturday’s debut, the EFN Champions League will move on to three more qualifying events in Abu Dhabi, Malaysia and Hong Kong. The winners of the four EFN Champions League muaythai tournaments in the series will progress to the Kings Cup Final, while the winners from both MMA fights at each event will book their place at the 8-man Road to Abu Dhabi Warriors final. Both finals will be held in December.

The concept of combining both muaythai and MMA on the same bill was made possible by the cooperation between Elite Boxing and Abu Dhabi Warriors who reached an agreement earlier this year to work together for the mutual benefit of their sports.

Multi-sport federation AIMS also confirmed its support for two of the sports under its umbrella when it sanctioned the EFN Champions League at its Annual General Assembly in Bangkok on August 13. The newly appointed president of AIMS, Mr. Stephan Fox, kicked off the EFN Champions League with the opening speech in which he thanked the organizers as well as the President of the Jiu Jiutsu federation, Dr Sakchai, who was also in attendance.

Elite Boxing, the event organizers, also took the opportunity to thank Dr Sakchai for allowing EB and ADW to stage such a ground-breaking event in Thailand. There was also a special mention for Stephan Fox and the work he has done to bring together jiu jiutsu and Muaythai with the aim of supporting these great combat sports on their mission to eventually gain recognition by the International Olympic Committee.

The event at Asiatique got underway with a one-hour Muaythai Live show, which provided the crowd with an entertaining look at the background and history of muaythai. After the opening show, the ring was set up in less than 10 minutes, which is a world record.

Following a very quick break, it was time for the action to begin in earnest with the night’s first muaythai fight competed between Changpuek of Thailand and Loik of France. Just as with the ring set up, Changpuek wasted no time in an explosive start to the night’s action as he knocked out his French opponent after just 1 minute 26 seconds. The second muaythai fight was a much closer affair with Neto from Brazil defeating Claudio of Italy on points after the fight went the full 3 rounds.

Next up, it was a switch of disciplines with the 2 MMA fights sponsored by Abu Dhabi Warriors. Both fights proved to be exciting affairs that really entertained the crowd.

With the MMA fights concluded, it was back to muaythai for the final of the night’s tournament between Changpuek from Thailand and Neto from Brazil. Both fighters gave their all in a close encounter but at the final bell, it was Changpuek who took the glory for Thailand by claiming the silver belt and 150,000 baht in prize money. As the winner of the tournament, Changpuek automatically qualifies for the Kings Cup Final in December.

Post on August 29, 2015