Press ReleasesMubariz and Gonzalez big winners in Bangkok

Elite Fight Night (EFN) Champions League was officially launched with 2 MMA welterweight superfights that were sponsored by Abu Dhabi Warriors on Saturday, August 22 in Bangkok, Thailand. Fans gathered at the Asiatique in Bangkok to enjoy at the premier 2 MMA fights and a 4-man Muay Thai tournament.

Thailand’s Changpuak rose as a Muay Thai tournament winner at the grand opening, earning him a belt and a cash prize that goes with it.

In the MMA part of the evening we have seen some intense action from all four fighters but only two will have a chance to perform at the Grand Final in Abu Dhabi at the end of the year. In the first fight we have seen crowd’s favourite Baz Mohammad Mubariz (5-3) from Afghanistan take on Michal Vostry from Czech Republic. Mubariz, who has trained lately at Phuket Top Team, had a lot of fans in the building and he didn’t let them down.

Mubariz, a prominent wrestler, forced himself on Vostry from the start. He was the dominant fighter in the ring, attacking his opponent relentlessly. Michal showed a huge heart too, the two exchanged a couple of fierce punches during the fight, but Mubariz proved to be a better fighter that night. Mubariz got his 5th professional win via submission (rear naked choke) in Round 2 and a ticket to Abu Dhabi.

In the second fight of the premier event, Sweden’s Diego Gonzalez (18-11) faced Nayeb Hezam from France. Hezam stepped in as a last minute replacement for the inaugural event in Thailand but that didn’t affect his performance at all. At least not in Round 1.

Both very experienced fighters, they’ve exchanged a couple of heavy punches after Head Referee Grant Waterman from UK started the fight. But Hezam quickly took initiative and took the fight to the ground and he landed a couple of nasty blows to his opponent. Gonzalez survived through the first round being constantly under Hezam’s fire. With the start of Round 2 all changed. Gonzalez surprised everyone, even his opponent, as he closed in and performed a Guillotine choke on Hezam.

With two stoppages in the MMA part of the evening, EFN ended on a high note. Audience in the arena and those watching the livestream got a chance to enjoy in two amazing MMA action packed fights. With the joint plan of action, EFN will bring you even more game in the coming months. Winners or losers, all fighters proved to be worthy of being a part of the first chapter. Follow Abu Dhabi Warriors as we will bring you more interesting news in the following weeks. Join us on our social media pages for some exclusive content.

Post on August 28, 2015