Press ReleasesAD Warriors presented on centre stage at the annual Muaythai awards in Bangkok

At the annual Muaythai awards event in Thailand capital of Bangkok on August 19, Abu Dhabi Warriors aim of diversifying its position and becoming an international recognized brand made its first steps.

At the IFMA (International Federation of Muaythai Amateur) Sports Awards ceremony, Elite Boxing announced the upcoming EFN Champions League Series and introduced the format of the show and Abu Dhabi Warriors as its partner company.

The Thai capital which is widely known as the heart of Muaythai is this week entering the history books with the premiere launch of a new series that will bring together MMA and Muaythai. A 4-man Muaythai tournament combined with 2 MMA superfights will be launched at a grand opening event this Saturday at Asiatique in Bangkok.

Organized by IFMA in conjunction with the Brazilian Embassy in Bangkok, the event also featured entertaining program with a number of Brazil-themed shows aimed at promoting Brazilian culture, including a samba dance performance and an official presentation of the upcoming Olympic Games to be held in Brazil in 2016.

Sponsoring two superfights as part of an Elite Fight Night combat sports event in Bangkok, AD Warriors are opening new opportunities for AD Warriors fighters in the future while promoting the MMA all around the Globe. Winning at EFN 1 will bring winners a ticket for the Grand Final which will be held in December in Abu Dhabi.


Post on August 21, 2015