Press ReleasesThe draw for the inaugural 4-man EFN Champions League

The draw for the inaugural 4-man EFN Champions League muaythai tournament has now been made under the guidance of matchmaker Nugget MacNaught. The first match will feature Loïk taking on Changpuek in an intriguing match up. Changpuek will need to draw on all his experience and technical skills if he is to beat his larger French opponent.

The second bout will see Claudio Amoroso coming up against Jose Neto in a fight which could go either way. Claudiohas been living and training in Thailand for a number of years while Joseis an experienced fighter. The fight also see the contrasting styles of Claudiowith his preferred kicking and punching style against the grappling technique of Jose. Both fights are too close to call and promise an evening of world class muaythai action.

Post on August 21, 2015