Press ReleasesEB Launches combined MuayThai and MMA event series

Following almost a year of negotiations, Elite Boxing is set to officially launch its groundbreaking new combat sports event series at the inaugural Elite Fight Night (EFN) Champions League event to be held in Bangkok on August 22.

The EFN Champions League combines the experience, expertise and networks of two established combat sports brands. Although Elite Boxing has expanded its reach to include a number of combat sports in recent years, the Bangkok-based company is still best known for its work in muaythai. Abu Dhabi Warriors is one of the fastest growing names in MMA.

The inaugural EFN Champions League event is set to take place in Bangkok on August 22 and will feature a 4-man muaythai tournament as well as 2 MMA super fights, sponsored by Abu Dhabi Warriors. Subsequent events in the series will follow the same format and are scheduled for September, October and November.

The winner of each muaythai tournament will advance to the 4-man EFN Muaythai King’s Cup Final where they will compete for the Muaythai King’s Cup. The EFN Muaythai King’s Cup Final will take place in Bangkok, Thailand on December 5 in honor of His Majesty the King of Thailand’s birthday.

The MMA qualifying events will bring winners a ticket for the Grand Final, which will be held in December in Abu Dhabi.

It is expected that from 2016, the series will be expanded to include different countries with Brazil and Australia already confirmed as the location for one event.

Post on August 16, 2015