Press ReleasesEB Teams up with Brazilian Kickboxing firm

Elite Boxing has taken steps to strengthen its position in the Brazilian market by developing a partnership agreement with WGP, a major kickboxing group from Sao Paolo. The agreement will involve EB streaming WGP events on the EB-TV platform and will also be extended to include EB providing US fighters for WGP events as well as WGP becoming an EB Power Affiliate.

Based in Sao Paolo, WGP was founded by Mr. Zorello, a former kickboxing champion with over 20 years of experience in the sport and the official representative of the WAKO federation in Brazil. With a focus on stand-up fighting, WGP has established itself as the number one kickboxing group in Brazil. The group has already staged more than 20 kickboxing events and also represents a number of fighters competing in events around the globe.

Despite the conflict that often occurs between the two disciplines of muaythai and kickboxing, the relationship between EB, which specializes in muaythai, and WGP has grown since the two parties first met in 2014. On the understanding that EB will not seek to enter the market as a competitor of WGP, the two groups have explored various ways of working together for their mutual benefit.

The first phase of this collaboration will involve EB streaming WGP events on the EB-TV online platform after EB acquired the exclusive rights for monthly WGP events from July until the end of the year. WGP will also become an official EB Power Affiliate responsible for promoting and supporting subscriptions to the new EB-TV 24/7 channel. Looking to the future, EB is also negotiating to bring US fighters to Brazil to compete in WGP events.

Post on July 18, 2015