Press ReleasesElite Boxing Partners with Team Nogueira to Build Presence in Brazilian Market

Elite Boxing has announced plans to develop its presence in the Brazilian market after the Bangkok-based combat sports group reached a groundbreaking agreement to partner with Team Nogueira on a series of joint ventures.

The agreement will see EB and Team Nogueira combine their expertise and connections to work together on three key projects that include fighter development, online broadcasting, and event production.

Founded by the Nogueira brothers, Rogerio and Rodrigo, Team Nogueira specializes in MMA and is one of the biggest names in combat sports in Brazil. Rodrigo Nogueira, fighting under the name Minotoauro, is a former champion of the Pride event series and an interim champion at UFC.

With a focus on fighter development, Team Nogueira’s main academy is in Rio de Janeiro, where they train such leading MMA fighters as Anderson Silva and Rafael Fejaio, who are currently competing in UFC, Bellator and the Brazilian MMA event league, Jungle Fights. Under the guidance of Sergio Lyra—a longtime friend of the Nogueira brothers and an established Rio businessman as well as a black belt in jujitsu—Nogueira Gyms have grown worldwide over the last three years. The company now has more than 15,000 active members in over 30 locations.

Elite Boxing first began to collaborate with Team Nogueira two years ago when the Brazilian company sent one of its top fighters to Thailand to develop his striking skills. The fighter’s name was Sheymon and after training in muaythai at Elite Boxing’s EB Fight Club Gym in Bangkok, he went on to win fights in both Thailand and the US and establish himself on the demanding MMA circuit in the US.

Since that first collaboration, EB co-founder Toli Makris has also made a number of visits to Brazil to strengthen the relationship with Team Nogueira, tap into the local and global experience of Sergio Lyra, and gain a better understanding of the Brazilian market. After several meetings and brainstorming sessions between Toli Makris and Sergio Lyra, three joint ventures have now been confirmed as part of the strategic partnership between the two combat sports powerhouses.

The first collaboration will see greater emphasis placed on the cross-discipline fighter development that has proven so successful over the past two years. Having seen the rewards of having its fighters trained in the striking skills of muaythai, Team Nogueira will continue to partner with EB on fighter development. EB has already sent one of its two head coaches, Nugget MacNaught, to Rio to train the two Nogueira brothers in preparation for an upcoming UFC event in Rio on August 1.

EB has also used its relationship with Team Nogueira to reach an agreement with Techvidya, the company which hosts the Nogueira online TV platform. The agreement will involve various aspects on content development and marketing as well as the launch of EB-TV 24/7 subscriptions in the Brazilian market from September of this year.

Finally, EB and Team Nogueira will join forces on event production in a bid to tap into the growing potential of muaythai in Brazil. As the Thai combat sport continues to grow in popularity in the South American nation, EB will leverage Team Nogueira’s contacts and local knowhow to stage muaythai events in Brazil.

Post on July 10, 2015