Press ReleasesEB-TV Expands into Middle East Market

Elite Boxing’s online streaming platform, EB-TV, is set to enter another new market next week when it streams its first live event from the Middle East. Having already successfully streamed events from the United States, Europe and Asia, EB-TV will pass another milestone on its road to becoming the number one combat sports streaming platform in the world when it makes the Global Fighting Championship (GFC) event in Dubai available in real time to EB-TV subscribers on May 29.

Since it was launched by Elite Boxing in early 2013, EB-TV has gone from strength to strength streaming both Muay Thai and MMA events live from Asia, Europe and the United States. After investing heavily in the state-of-the-art technology behind EB-TV, Elite Boxing moved quickly to secure partnerships with event promoters in strategic markets around the globe, including LEGEND in Russia, I-1 of Hong Kong other European events.

EB-TV is now expanding into the Middle East after establishing a partnership with GFC promoter Golden Cage Events of Dubai. The first event to be streamed by EB-TV under the new partnership will be from the World Trade Centre in Dubai on May 29 when 4 heavyweight fighters battle it out for the AED 1 Million reward at GFC Dubai.

The partnership between EB-TV and Golden Cage is the result of a lot of hard work behind the scenes by both Elite Boxing and Fight Globe, one of the leading sport marketing, media distribution and management agencies in Europe. A strategic partner of EB, Fight Globe comprises a global network of combat experts, athletes, promoters and broadcasters and offers a wide range of services to provide quality solutions under its three labels FG Media, FG Production and FG Management.

To find out how you can watch GFC Dubai live on EB-TV, click here for details:

Post on May 24, 2014