Press ReleasesElite Boxing Acquires Gym in Phuket

Elite Boxing has announced the acquisition of the Manop Gym in Phuket as part of the Bangkok-based company's ongoing expansion strategy. Located near the beach in the picturesque Chalong Bay, the gym will be rebranded in April 2014 as Elite Fight Club (EFC) Phuket and represents the latest addition to the existing EFC network that includes facilities in Bangkok and Germany.

As a popular holiday destination, Phuket attracts a high volume of tourists looking to combine a tropical island holiday with muaythai training. A large number of gyms have been established on the island as a result. Despite the intense competition, the Manop Gym has achieved a reasonable degree of success since its launch in 2012. Backed by Brazilian financing and managed by Max Castro, the gym has catered to a mixture of semi-professional Brazilian fighters and tourists from around the world.

Following its takeover by Elite Boxing, the gym will be renamed Elite Fight Club (EFC) Phuket. However, the change of ownership will also result in a change of strategy to fit in with the wider Elite Fight Club concept. Elite Boxing will take over the management of the eight Brazilian fighters currently affiliated with the gym but it will not look to tourists as its target market. Instead, EFC Phuket will provide a premium training retreat for EB’s professional fighters when they are preparing for major international events.

Training at EFC Phuket will be coordinated and managed by Gae and Nugget MacNaught, two of the most respected muaythai trainers in the industry. As EB’s main trainers, Gae and Nugget will alternate between EFC Phuket and EFC Bangkok, EB’s flagship 3,000 square meter gym and training facility in the Thai capital.

The muaythai fighters at EFC Phuket will train in Gae’s Sor Kiaw Suk team. However, the gym will also be expanded to include MMA training as part of an agreement with Zenith, the leading Brazilian MMA brand with a network of 2,000 gyms worldwide. The agreement with Zenith is part of a partnership with Bulgarian Christo, who has already successfully established the Zenith brand in the Balkan region.

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Post on April 28, 2014