Press ReleasesThailand VS Germany: Celebrating 150 years of bilateral relation with a muaythai extravaganza

Elite Boxing’s Thailand VS Challenger Series gained the support of both the German and Thai governments this year as the annual Thailand VS Germany event was incorporated into the celebrations marking 150 years of bilateral relations between the two countries.  While Thailand just came out on top with a 3-2 victory at the 1,000-seat Congress Centrum in Heidenheim, this year’s event was about much more than muaythai.

In addition to the usual high standard of muaythai on offer, this year’s event had been billed as a celebration of 150 years of bilateral relations between these two great nations. Both the Thai and German governments had endorsed the event at a press conference in Thailand. Following a formal dinner and reception at the Thai Ambassador’s residence in Berlin, Thailand’s Deputy Ambassador to Germany, Khun Chirdchu Raktabutr, travelled from Berlin to attend the event and gave a speech during the opening ceremony.

As usual, the event was also sanctioned by the WMC, although the WMC’s German Vice President, Stephan Fox, was unable to attend the event due to his involvement with the IFMA world championship in St. Petersburg. Nevertheless, Fox, who was born in Germany but has lived in Thailand for several years, sent a message of support and expressed his delight that the event was taking place in his home country.

Elite Boxing’s founder and Director, Toli Makris, who was also born in Germany but now lives in Thailand, spoke of his pride at being involved in helping to bring the two countries closer together. “I am absolutely delighted that the Thai and German governments have put their trust in us and incorporated our Thailand VS Germany event into these historic celebrations,” he said. “It really is a great reward for all the hard work we’ve done over the last few years and a great endorsement for not only Elite Boxing but also muaythai in general.”

There was an almost carnival atmosphere inside the packed, modern stadium in Heidenheim and with the formalities over, it was time for the action. The crowd was treated to a number of entertaining fights on the undercard before the main Thailand VS Germany event.

Thailand got off to a great start when Phisit Saengwilai won on points against Michael Wolfinger. Although Phisit is a proud Thai, he grew up and still lives in Germany. Although he is a relative newcomer to muaythai, he was able to outscore his German opponent and he dedicated his victory to his newborn child.

In the second fight, Sebastian Harms Mendez beat Namyapa KauKlomKiow by KO. Although Mendez suffered a cut in the first round, the popular local fighter from Southern Germany came back strong and beat his Thai opponent to level the scores on the night.

Thailand were soon back in front, however, as Jaochalarm Chatkranok Gym knocked out Alex Vogel. The German fighter could not handle the Thai’s strong leg work and succumbed to a barrage of kicks.

The Thais took an unbeatable lead in the fourth fight as Changpuek Elite Fight Club overcame Andi Roegner by a unanimous points decision in what was one of the most exciting fights of the evening. Changpuerk, who fights for EB Fight Club Bangkok, was comfortably ahead after the first 3 rounds but got knocked to the floor in round 4. However, he recovered quickly and came back strong again in round 5.

With Thailand having secured overall victory on the night, there was only pride left to fight for in the final bout. Enriko “The Hurricane” Kehl against Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn had been billed as the main fight of the evening and the two fighters didn’t hold back. Technically superior, Nonsai was ahead on points in what was a very exciting and intelligent fight. However, Enriko refused to give up and knocked out his Thai opponent with a spinning elbow to reduce the deficit to 3-2.

EB is already working on a rematch between these two great warriors for Thailand VS Europe, which has now been rescheduled for March 23, 2013.

EB Germany’s MD, Serdar Karaca, summed up the night when he said, “As everyone has said, this is a wonderful honor for EB, and we’re so glad that the event was such a huge success. Germany may have lost tonight, but I think muaythai is the real winner. Personally, I am so happy that we have held this great event for Thailand and Germany here in Heidenheim, the home of EB Germany.”

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Post on September 15, 2012