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When the Thailand VS Challenger roadshow flew into Malaysia last week, there were more than a few surprises. While Elite Boxing officially announced the upcoming Thailand VS Asia muaythai event during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur last week, it was also an opportunity for the host nation to live up to its claim that Malaysia is truly Asia.

Since the birth of the Thailand VS Challenger Series in January 2010, EB has worked extremely hard to attract a new, more affluent demographic by re-branding the sport of muaythai and casting off its old, often negative image. In addition to moving from run-down old stadiums into state-of-the-art venues, EB has sought to make the sport more appealing by combining live muaythai with entertainment and cultural activities.

It is a strategy that has already seen Thai hip-hop superstars Thaitanium write and record the theme song for the TVC Series, while such respected Thai celebrities as DJPK and Sonia Cooling have also taken on the role of brand ambassador over the past couple of years.

With Malaysia given the honour of being the first nation to represent Asia in the TVC Series, last week’s press conference was an opportunity for EB to introduce us to the names and faces of the people chosen to present Malaysian culture to the world and show us all just why Malaysia truly is Asia.

The new face of EB in Malaysia is that of local actress, Diana Danielle. The 20-year-old beauty was born in New York but raised in Kuala Lumpur and has built a career for herself as an actress, having already starred in a number of local films despite her tender years. With her stunning good looks and boundless enthusiasm, Diana is perfect for the role of Brand Ambassador to EB Malaysia and will be responsible for raising the profile of EB and attracting Malaysia’s young and trendy to the sport of muaythai.

The name of KuEss Idris may not be well-known outside of Malaysia, but that may all be about to change. Born into nobility, KuEss is the youngest child of the late H.R.H. Sultan of Perak Darul Ridzuan and has taken on the role of EB’s official Royal Advisor to Malaysia. As well as being a much-loved public figure, selfless philanthropist and successful business person with a strong interest in fashion, KuEss is also the first member of Malaysian royalty to compete as a muaythai fighter and earned the nickname of the Royal Beauty Boxer. Having overcome many challenges in her own life through her enthusiasm and perseverance, KuEss serves as an inspiration to all young people.

Just like KuEss, Amir Luqman Othman is another well-known Malaysian with a strong interest in fashion and design. Since beginning his star-spangled career just 8 years ago, Amir has already won a number of awards, been active in designing outfits for the Malaysian film and music industry, designed clothes for A-list celebrities, and is currently involved in designing the outfits for the upcoming Miss Universe Malaysia pageant. Combining traditional Malaysian styles with international designs, Amir was also the youngest designer ever to be featured in the internationally acclaimed ‘Batik Inspiration’. Amir now takes on the responsibility of presenting Malaysian Batik style to the world as he will be designing the set for the Thailand VS Malaysia – The Best of Malaysia event in October.

With such stellar celebrities in its corner, the future of EB in Malaysia appears to be strong.

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Post on August 14, 2012